Our Objective

ALHADI Education Online presents an encouraging environment to all Students. We inspire Students with our skills and motivate them to face challenges and help them to identify their true abilities and unique talent. Consequently they will learn and excel in their academic career and cope their Educational challenges.

Qualified Teachers

Our Teachers are highly Qualified, Interactive, Skilled and Responsible Individuals Trained for Online Teaching.

Virtual Class Rooms

Lectures are held in Virtual Classrooms.
Our method is very simple to grasp the basic concepts.
One on One and Group sessions are held.

Recorded Sessions

All the sessions are recorded.Students can revisit the sessions and clear their Confusions.

Equipment Required

An internet connection, A Laptop or Pc, A set of HeadPhones and skype id.Fill out the registration form.Take free trial and get started now.

Our Methodology

At ALHADI we have a group of Professional Teachers.We make the tutoring sessions interactive.In doing so, we assess the personality of our students,their basic skills, basic knowledge and their learning ability. After personality assessment, We try to create simple understanding of the problems.Keeping in mind the students adopting ability, we try to convey a simple solution.
We believe that every Human Being is a unique individual.So Teaching Methodology is different for different students.